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f pouring of adoption commonness will spread, the flavor will also greatly lose its color, and younger sister the tea here not the form color is beautiful, is the flavor also pure fragrance very, " her Ni smiles the other party, "do not know younger sister is how adjusted to teach a person Qi thus drink of tea?" "This & & " The feeling of colourful Die mightiness gets at this time married couple to is angry, oneself after all leads so much with her a , still keep having some understand to her bearing, whenever while like this and lightly smiling to gentle and softly say words, she must be an in the mind to is angry, the voice is more gentle and soft and then represents an in the mind more angry, oneself is surprised is what she annoyed is what & & After thinking after being ex- to think inwardly pounded oneself for a while, so many people flatter to he or she, the mother was more a vast difference between the two to her treatment, she don't this taking charge of winter plum how can mind? The in the mind is a burst of angry but doesn't know how answer her, just secretly see toward the pearl. Tea-leaf is just delivered, the married couple came suddenly again, the pearl heard make oneself make tea just hurtling of very nature tea and drinks, oneself didn't know as well why will know green jade pouring of Luo spring method, at this time a see colourful Die difficult, know still get this affair in oneself Lan. She"the Mao is" knelt in the ground and set up for a very frightened appearance, "BE be not
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