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along with three big entrances at back again. (b.) Rooms in which the motion of the play necessitates the existence of countless personality ought to be arranged through 1 At the. to 3 At the. (c.) No interior 鈥?excepting for brief scenes ^ 鈥?ought to be restricted to 1 E. (d.) Inside with regard to small parlor, laborer's cot- tage, boudoir, etc., should be arranged in between One E. and a pair of E. (at the.) Archways as well as portieres should always be practicable, unless the portiere is supposed as a hiding-place just. (Or.) Stay away from the tormentors, because they lead to no place. (grams.) Let the student Inch furnish " the above mentioned interiors, thus planning scene-plots.^ One See Section xjdi. Six. "^ Instructions for scene-plots will be given after the following chapter. CHAPTER Mire. Phase PLANS (continued). 1. Outside. 鈥?An outside is definitely an out-dooi scene. The actual ideas given below are very elemen- tary. Stage-settings with regard to exteriors can be very elaborate, representing not just street and backyard moments, but ocean as well as mountain pic- tures, with many practicable features. Plan Absolutely no. 1. Or Back again Fabric -GARDEN

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